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Risk sharing pools were born out of necessity in response to a serious problem that plagues public entities: lack of affordable insurance. The Washington Governmental Entity Pool (WGEP) was organized in 1987 by four founding members who found liability insurance in the open market either unaffordable or unavailable.

WGEP was established to provide risk financing to its member government entities for liability and property coverage. The Pool’s general objectives are to formulate, develop and administer, on behalf of the member governmental entities, a program of insurance to obtain consistent lower costs for broader coverage and to assist in developing comprehensive loss control programs. The Pool transfers their risk by buying reinsurance or excess insurance over the Pool’s self-insured retention.

In 2008, we changed our name to Enduris and updated our brand by adopting a new logo and visual identity. The change is meant to illuminate our confidence and excitement for the future as we look to add even more strength and stability for the membership.



Enduris is the premier risk sharing pool for public entities in Washington. We are widely recognized, in Washington and nationwide, as a leader in the risk pooling industry.

We’re government risk experts. We provide coverage and risk management solutions that are comprehensive and uncomplicated. Our membership includes more than 475 local governments or special purpose districts that “pool” resources to share risk and reduce cost. We do what’s right for our members and we care. That means they get great services from real people who understand their business because we’re in their business.   



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