Like our members, we are a public entity. We’re a member owned organization and we specialize in property and liability coverage and loss control services for special purpose districts. We exist for the benefit of members and are focused on delivering a long term solution that is affordable, competitive, comprehensive, and uncomplicated.

The majority of Enduris’ coverage is Occurrence form, which is considered the preferred type of coverage.

Occurrence: A provision of an insurance coverage document that recognizes a claim that occurs during the coverage period regardless of when it is reported. 

Claims-Made: A provision of an insurance coverage document that only recognizes a claim that occurs during the coverage period and is reported during the coverage period.

For new members that come from a Claims-Made policy, Prior Acts coverage is offered at no additional charge.

Enduris’ affordability is largely a function of our ability to administer the pool operations at a significantly lower expense than a private insurance carrier. We are local and we are not for profit. We do not pay broker/agent commissions or fees or taxes. These savings are passed directly to members in the form of stable and affordable premiums, training opportunities, and risk management services.

As member equity grows, the pool becomes less reliant on private reinsurance, insulating members from market cycles that can cause wild premium fluctuations. The result is long term stability and predictability for members.

Although Enduris is a risk sharing pool and our Intergovernmental Contract allows for members to be assessed, we have never assessed members in our 30 year history. Enduris’ current financial position and operational performance make an assessment unlikely.

Enduris has an experienced in-house claims staff to meet member needs quickly and professionally. We may occasionally contract with a third party adjustment firm when appropriate, though Enduris will oversee the management of each claim.

Yes. Like our members, Enduris is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership. There is a formal process in place to appeal claim decisions to the Board of Directors.

Part of the success of a risk sharing pool is a sense of fairness and stability. Each member in the pool makes a contribution based on a rate specific to their public entity type. Contributions also take into account claim experience, member size, property values and unique risk activity. The few members who engage in higher risk activities are insured for those specific exposures outside of the risk sharing pool so that other members aren’t shouldering an unfair burden.

Not necessarily. Large insurers have more assets but also more claims and expenses. The key is quality management of the relationship between contributions, expected claims, other expenses, and assets. Insurance companies and risk sharing pools both manage internally for predictable loss patterns and both re-insure for large or catastrophic losses. 

In most cases, our “Memorandum of Coverage” provides significantly broader coverage than offered in the private insurance market and at a competitive price. We provide many additional services at no additional cost to the member. 

Enduris was formed in 1987, over 30 years ago. We continue to experience strong growth and a favorable reputation with members and within the risk pooling industry. Member equity continues to grow and our financial strength and operational excellence are evidenced by several notable achievements: 

  • Association of Governmental Risk Pools (AGRiP) Recognition since 2000
  • 97% Actuarial Confidence rating by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC 

We encourage you to read the Enduris reports for more detailed information.

Yes. As with private insurance companies, claims experience can have an impact on premium contributions.

In many cases, you can make changes through our online portal or by email. Of course, you are always welcome to contact our friendly, professional staff by telephone at 1-800-462-8418.

Absolutely – that’s just one of the differences between Enduris and a commercial insurance company. At Enduris we pride ourselves on the relationship we have built with members and we value their input. Much of the process of settling a claim is dictated by standard industry practice, legal counsel, Memorandum of Coverage and individual circumstances. Our member’s perspective is extremely valuable in this process.

Enduris requires new members to remain with the pool for at least one year. Thereafter, any member may leave the pool by providing 60 days written notice to the pool before the end of that policy year. The success of any risk sharing pool is largely predicated on a committed membership. At Enduris, we choose to nurture that commitment by building the kind of organization that public entities want to be part of. The annual member retention rate is consistently above 98%.

For more information about who is and can be a member of Enduris, please view our Membership List.

  • Various training seminars
  • Training library – check out training materials
  • On-line training modules
  • Contract review
  • Risk management consultation
  • Premises liability consultation
  • Employment practices legal consultation
  • Pre-Defense cost coverage
  • Full access to MRSC services

There is no charge to members for these services.